Masterclass Landscape Workshop Calendar 2024 – value $399 each

  • Melbourne Architecture Walkabout Photo Shoot (held weekends)

Empower your photography folio creating images which pop through symmetry and refiing your composition skills.

  • Mornington Peninsula Coastal 28 April

Discover how to create sublime seaside photography shots to stun your peers

  • Star gazing Night Photography TBA

Develop the skill and confidence to capture Star trails and dramatic night photography.

Want to…

Learn how to create surreal landscape pieces of art

Learn my key tricks to creating award images

Learn how to make your images really POP

Learn how to use Lightroom, Nik Software & Photoshop

I will take you to some of Victoria’s most scenic areas and teach you how to create stunning pieces of fine art imagery.

Because I keep my workshops small, often 1 on 1,  you receive my undivided attention. Together I help you out in the field to produce perfect composition with slow shutter speeds to create dream like images.

Private tuition

Private tuition means you receive undivided attention in a real hands on approach. And what’s more I can tailor the package to suit your individual needs.


We generally cover the workshop across two sessions. The first is out in the field and the second editing where the real magic happens.

What will you learn?

Here’s a snippet of what we will cover:

  • How to use Neutral Density filters
  • How to shoot in low light outside
  • How to create perfect composition
  • How to use slow shutter speeds
  • How to shoot in full manual mode
  • How to shoot in the dark
  • How to focus in the dark
  • How long to expose in the dark
  • How to use a cable release
  • Post Production workflow
  • Tips on using Lightroom, Nik Software & Photoshop
  • NB: Items covered vary per workshop

Bonus goodies:

$100 credit to another Melbourne Landscape Photography workshop

Free 30 day phone support

 Course Value – $399