Beginner photography workshops Mornington Peninsula

Master Photographer James Harvie offers 1 on 1 beginner photography workshops on the Mornington Peninsula

If you are totally confused with your camera, frustrated or simply want to improve your photography then I think I just might be able to help you.



Since opening our Mornington Peninsula Photography studio in 2001 I have noticed quite a number of changes in photography. Today I find many of my clients and people around me totally obsessed with photography. I think social media has suddenly opened the doors for us all as an avenue to show off our photography. Facebook and Instagram are large players in this arena.

As you might be aware the compact digital camera has been replaced by the mobile phone. The step up from this is the Digital SLR camera. The obvious advantage of owning a Digital SLR is the ability to change lenses, produce images which are a lot sharper and you have far greater creative flexibility. The disadvantage is if you don’t know what your doing you are pretty much wasting your money. What is the point of purchasing a $1000 or more camera when you are only capable of using its basic features?

You know what it’s like. You own this wonderful amazing looking camera all decked out like an airline cockpit but all you feel confident doing is using it in Program or Auto mode. In fact you might find the camera quite daunting and in the end put it away in the too hard basket settling for the mobile phone.

So that’s where I can help you. Sure you could pop along to a group workshop but really how much will you learn from that? In a group session you might feel intimidated and think your questions are silly. What if the workshop doesn’t really cover YOUR camera, and your questions? I think it is far better getting undivided 1 on 1 attention so I can address all those camera things you find confusing.

At the time of writing this blog post I own 3 different branded cameras and I can tell you now even as a professional photographer they are all different in the way they operate and the functional possibilities vary. But in the end all cameras essentially are controlled by 3 elements: ISO, shutter and Aperture.

Anyway we are not going to go over ISO, Shutter and Aperture here you will have to book a workshop for that.

I guess if you have read this far it might be worthwhile letting you all in on some useful photography websites.

If you are in the market for a new camera the 1st thing I would do is get along to a specialist camera store like Teds, Digital Direct or if your Peninsula based: Peninsula Camera Centre. I would not bother with the large retailors like JB Hi Fi or Harvey Norman. These stores are good but you are far better heading to a specialist store who just specialises in Photography. Once you get a short list of models you like a great website which holds unbiased information is DP Review.

Other useful websites for photography inspiration are:

500px and

Well if I have inspired you to take some action and improve your photography pop over here to find out more about my beginner workshops or you can send me a request here: “Get in touch”.

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  1. Hi. I have a new nikon p900. I suffer short term memory problems due to a car accident and find group classes difficult as it takes time for things to sink in. I would love a one on one class with a patient person! Can you help please. I live in Rosebud.

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