F11 International Photography Magazine

F11 International Photography Magazine

F11 Photography Magazine is read by tens of thousands of enthusiast photographers, amateurs, professionals and creative people from all over the globe. I’m pretty stoked to have one of my high scoring images from the Australian Professional Photographer of the year awards featured.

The image was taken in horrendous conditions of snow and blustering wind in Scandinavia. A week earlier I had ruined my main camera due to water damage up in the arctic so I was left with the back up travel camera. The Fujifilm XT-1. This is a 16 Meg camera with a great retro feel. I even managed to drop it straight onto concrete whilst crossing a street in Olso and it still came out tops.

Anyway the shot was awkwardly taken single handed as my umbrella persistently blew in and out in one hand and the camera in the other. I was literally running in and out from the little shelter I had. I’d seen this building online and made a note of getting to it and with some fine editing and fine tuning the result ended up pretty good.

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